More Anniversaries to Celebrate

16 April 2023

Calum is celebrating his 5th anniversary at Stafford Perkins this week.  Apparently that’s 1,826 days or 43,824 hours (not that he’s counting!)  We’d all like to say a very big thank you to Calum for the tremendous effort he’s put in from day one, helping Stafford Perkins to continue to grow year on year.  Your hard work is greatly appreciated Calum (as is your achievement in getting Richard to wear a Christmas jumper!!)  We’d like to wish you every success in the future, and hope you choose to stick around at Stafford Perkins for many years to come.

And we can’t mention 5th anniversaries without also saying a huge thank you to Teresa, who has calmly and carefully worked away in the background keeping everything on track and looking after our callers and visitors since March 2018 – thank you Teresa, we’d be lost without you!